Tony Grossi has been writing and talking about the Browns on a regular basis since 1984 when he became the Browns beat writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. In 2012, he extended his expertise over multiple media platforms when he moved to Good Karma Brands to serve as Browns analyst with ESPN Cleveland. He also has been a Browns analyst on Cleveland NBC affiliate WKYC TV3 and SportsTime Ohio. A native of Cleveland, he has been a member of the prestigious Pro Football Hall of Fame board of selectors since 1994. Grossi is married and has two children. 

Tony Grossi

ESPN Cleveland NFL and Browns analyst

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Give the gift of Browns history to the younger generation. The first "Hey Tony"     book for kids, "Why Do They Call Them the Browns" will help you pass on your favorite and not-so favorite memories of the Browns. A whole generation of football fans has grown up hearing great things about the Cleveland Browns. From 1996 until now, there has not been many things to cheer about, leaving kids wondering why the team is so special. From personal experience, Tony Grossi, veteran Cleveland Browns analyst, has learned that the youngest fans have questions about the Browns. And these young fans need answers.

They need answers to know why the Browns are so beloved by so many fans around the city and around the world. Kids bring up questions that grown-ups take for granted, such "Why do they call them the Browns?" or "Why don't they have anything on their helmet?" or "What was the Drive?" After fielding countless Browns questions from his own children, Tony realized the need for a children's book to explain the history of the Browns. 

This book was written to be read to kids who want to learn more about their parents' favorite team. It helps explain why the Browns retain such a strong bond with their fans and why a new generation has reason to hope so that their parents and grandparents can celebrate again.